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Presentation coaching with a difference that is tailored to you.

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Get your team to reach their potential.


What we offer includes...

  • Personalised presentation coaching.

  • Small group training courses to develop confidence, vocal skills and dynamic group work.

  • Tailor-made workshops to ignite and build collaboration in teams.

  • Voiceover and media services and training.

  • Consultancy on how to make your training processes more creative.

  • Outreach programmes with schools and young people that build creativity and confidence in the next generation.

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Creative Utopia was founded in 2016 by Olivia Chappell, an actress, teacher and creative.

The company grew from the ethos that the skills learned through acting techniques and creative exercises are the most valuable in our increasingly technological world.

We believe the secret to clear communication and meaningful, professional relationships, is to harness your authentic voice, grow your capacity to spontaneously innovate, nurture your natural charisma, and therefore develop your skills for genuine human connection.

The ability to be ‘well-presented’ and ‘creative’ is not a mythical art. It is a multifaceted skillset that is learned through training and practise. Everyone has it within them.

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Creativity is putting your imagination to work, and it’s produced the most extraordinary results in human culture.
— Sir Ken Robinson

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